Spring Decor and London Shopping

As Spring is almost upon us and days are getting longer (thank goodness!), it’s that time of year we start thinking about all kinds of lovely things to do as we emerge from the depths of winter! I know that I, for one, am already looking for great holiday destinations; I’m also deciding about planting in the garden, looking at new garden furniture and searching for accessories such as lovely cushions and lanterns etc. Many of us will even be looking at the possibility of redecorating our homes or updating some furniture.

When it comes to interiors, I have noticed over the last few months how colour is playing a huge part in our decor – both inside and out. Although plain neutrals have not disappeared, they are not as easily spotted in furniture stores, decor magazines or home styling ads.

Colour started to adorn the world of interior design and styling, last Summer/Autumn, when mustards, greens and pinks became a popular choice of decor. Now, the same colour palettes are seeing us through to the summer, but in addition, there are a wealth of other vibrant colours, textures with very ethnic and Boho design concepts.

But don’t let that put you off getting that a new look to your home. Colour does not have to be either scary or something that will slip out of fashion as easily as it appeared. You can dip in as much or as little as you like with colour and you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a difference. What I love at the moment, is the great variety, and eclectic mix of beautiful accessories. So I would say, there is most definitely something for everyone.

Depending upon taste, style and budget, we can all find a superb selection of interiors accessories and furniture design almost everywhere we look; and we don’t have to try that hard, as we can achieve some colour from a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to dress a table, or, if we want to be a little more courageous, there are bright, ethically produced paint colours to decorate our walls. We don’t all have to think about changing furniture in order to add that touch of zest to our homes. Some great splodges of colour and texture can also be found in a rugs, cushions or throws; Even a pretty tray or set of wine glasses can add a va-va-voom to your kitchen or living space without spending a lot or changing your whole design.


Just look at the array of colour in this display at Antropologie on the Kings Road in London. Great 4-poster bed showing off the very ‘in’ colours of cushions, throws and bedspreads to adorn your bedroom. Or even this one small selection of crockery showing some really pretty summery colours:


If you do get a chance to go shopping on the Kings Road in Chelsea, there is a super selection of interiors shops to whet your appetite. I’ll be writing more on this subject as the months roll on and will be keep you updated on more around London.

But for starters, I thought I would show you just 3 stores within a 50 meter stretch on the Kings Road. So convenient for an exciting afternoon of shopping, followed by a glass of wine at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. Be prepared to be excited by just how different the styles and designs are.

A little more from Anthropologie:

India Jane:

As you can see, the mustard/yellows feature heavily at the moment and look good in this stunning dining table setting; and believe me, there is so much more to see on this Aladdin’s cave, split level showroom.

Spring decor and London shopping Feb 2018_html_e1284d8.jpg

Only a stones’ throw away, is French Connection Home. This is a very small showroom attached to their fashion store, but gosh, they pack the goodies in here!


This is more ethnic in the styles and textures on show, but blending exceeding well with a very contemporary selection of furniture and lighting.

I hope that offers a little snippet of what’s here, and I hope you are looking forward to reading more next month as we take our journey forward to the amazing Andrew Martin Showroom: