Landlord Alert - Air BnB!

As a business we are constantly moving with market requirements, and one area that has been doing well is the landlord letting market.  We have been upgrading letting properties where the owners are moving in to a new area of letting - through Air BnB.   A new concept in the letting market, taking the world by storm!.  From what we have seen, it offers landlords a way of potentially earning a lot more money and yet have far less wear and tear on their properties.  
It is harder work for landlords as you have to meet and greet guests upon arrival.  You should provide information packs, answer questions and generally help guests – very much like a concierge in a Hotel would do.   It can be worth the work for a much increased price in monthly/annual income.
This works well for smaller portfolio landlords.   We have found that it is important to upgrade the rentals for this new market as guests are looking for apartments/houses that will substitute for a Hotel.
It can work well, and advertising is cheap, efficient, well run and offers a huge audience of potential guests.