Finding ‘what’s on’, especially with Interiors events is sometimes quite tricky.   Knowing what to look for and deciding if it is the right attraction to attend, can be a minefield, especially when our time is so precious and taking a day out to visit an event can be rather a nuisance and sometimes almost impossible to arrange.  We always want to know if it is worth it.

So, whether it is just pure inspiration you are looking for, or more of a specific requirement that you are interested in – such as the latest in Sofa design, fabric styles or a ethical candle makers - I hope we can let you know of the best interiors events to open their doors in London and around the UK. 

Once we get going, we hope to also discover little gems of artisan events to bring to you too!.

In the meantime, here are the best 5 UK interiors events in the UK.

Once we have been to the event (we won’t be able to go to them all), we will post some of our pictures and our blogs and comments. 

Feel free to help us keep up to date with what’s on in INTERIORS, during 2018.